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How to Be a Successful Student

This free course gives you the necessary skills to become a successful student. Before you learn acting, comedy, improv, or anything this course will teach you how to learn.


Course Description The job of an actor is to convince the audience that what they are watching isn’t pretend. That what they are witnessing are real events that happened to real people who faced real consequences. To accomplish this difficult task, the actor must learn how to make what they know isn’t real, affect them …

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Stand-Up Comedy

Course Description Stand-Up comedy is one of the most difficult art forms and one of the most rewarding for those who learn how to master it. In this course, you will learn everything you need to be a master stand-up. Key Concepts Covered Include: How to turn random thoughts into well crafted jokes. How to …

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Improvisational Theater

Course Description Improv or Improvisational Theater is the art of performing scenes where the performers don’t know who is playing what parts, who is directing, and or what the script is about and there is no time to figure it out because the play is starting right now. Many people think of Improv as being …

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