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Katie is an actress & comedian who performs professionally in film, television, and theatre throughout Florida & in L.A.

Course Overview

How can acting classes benefit my child?

For starters, acting classes help build confidence and promotes more effective communication skills. Additionally, acting classes teach kids how to think on their feet, be aware of their emotions and the best ways to display & articulate them, and how to work as a part of a team. Furthermore, acting classes create a fun, positive and nurturing environment, a creative outlet where learning and growth are promoted, and a place where lasting memories and lifelong friendships are born.

The class includes all four acting classes, a graduation certificate, and a video copy of your child’s in-class commercial and audition slate for a total cost of 125.

Please note, the suggested age for this class is between 7-12.

There is script reading & memorization required in this class *

This 4-week Acting for Kids session is a blended class for aspiring actors with little to no experience with acting, kids who have some acting experience but want to expand on their abilities, OR children interested in having fun, making new friends, and building confidence.

Our Acting for Kids classes is structured to be smaller in size for more individualized attention so that each student has the very best chance of success. Come learn and train with a proven school whose faculty are real working talent!

Pricing covers 4 classes PLUS a graduation certificate, a copy of your child’s audition slate and a copy of their in-class commercial. Students may continue taking this class as much as they’d like to perfect their craft. Please note, classes are kept small in size so they book up very quickly. Children must be registered for class before the start date* 

See a children’s acting class in action at the link below!

Course Features

Course Curriculum

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    • Team Building and Social Skills
    • Script Memorization Techniques
    • How to develop characters & bring a script to life
    • How to be comfortable in front of the camera
    • How to create an audition slate 
    • How to film an on-camera t.v. commercial 
    • How to audition & proper auditioning etiquette 

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