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Rebecca is an internationally published model, professional actor, improviser, producer, & Co-Founder of the Studio.

Course Overview

We’ve taken the best components of story-telling instruction, traditional improv training, and three of the most recognized acting techniques to create an improv program that’s informative, comprehensive, fun, and like no other around!

Our program is a complete foundation in the principles of ensemble narrative story-telling, unrehearsed acting, and cooperative direction that combines the Meisner and Strasburg Techniques, Aristotle’s Poetics, Practical Aesthetics, and Professor James Hynes’ work on fiction all while incorporating short-form exercises that help develop creativity, point of view, choosing an objective, and working as an ensemble. Students will begin by studying the basics of acting, learning how to develop a point of view, pursue an emotional agenda, give and take focus, pinpoint an objective, and of course “yes and…”.  Once players learn the basics of improvised acting, they will learn the basic narrative plot elements and how to tell an effective story within an ensemble. In addition, and in true improv fashion, our program also incorporates a variety of exercises and games; many developed by the leading schools of improvisation including Second City and UCB. These exercises and games train the analytical side of the brain to focus on simple goals; freeing the creative side and silencing the negative thoughts that can make us freeze during a performance (or in life, for that matter). These games are high energy cooperation and a ton of fun to play!

Course Features

Course Curriculum

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    • Agreement and Contribution
    • Making and accepting truthful offers
    • Introduction to Basic Improv Games (Brain Fry, Storytelling, Character Building, Etc)
    • Managing Anxiety
    • Listening

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