The durability and quality of an actor, like all things, depends on its foundation.

If you build a house out of sticks on a bed of sand, it will undoubtedly be faster and cheaper. You can post pictures of it on social media, brag to all of your friends that you’re a homeowner but it’s not something anyone would enjoy, buy from you, and it couldn’t handle the stress of anything more intense than a slight breeze without collapsing. Often aspiring actors want to get their hands on a script as soon as possible. They want to get in front of the camera or hop on stage but without a solid foundation, and just like the stick house, are terrible to look at, collapse under stress, and aren’t worth a penny. Our Essentials program gives students everything they need to transform themselves into a serious actor but in a way that is fun and accessible for every skill level and interest level. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in need of a check-up, or someone just interested in building confidence and self-awareness.

Classes are structured to be smaller in size for more individualized attention to each student has the very best chance of success. Come learn and train with a proven school whose faculty is real, working, agency-represented talent that are currently working in real television, film, and commercial productions with credits to their name with Paramount Pictures, Disney, Universal Studios, Netflix, Oxygen Network, USA, Nat Geo, Adult Swim, Starz, Savannah College of Art & Design, A&E, Lifetime, FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, The CW, Virgin Holidays SCAD, Magari Theatre Company, and Jump Goat Media.

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