Acting is not just living truthfully, more than recreating authentic behavior. Actors are a part of a team of creatives working together to tell a story. The writer creates a skeleton which is the structure, the director is the brain deciding how it should move, and the actors are the muscles that actually make it move and when they are not properly developed the story won’t go anywhere. Actors need to understand what makes a good scene, how to find the shape of a character, and ultimately how to create a compelling performance. This class is about developing the intellectual work of an actor and learning how to apply the emotional skills developed in Core.

Scene Study is not a place to learn a foundational technique, though we do incorporate Practical Aesthetics it is vital that students know how to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Each monthly session, students explore different writers, styles, and genres of scripts. They learn how to create an emotional arc, explore creating different characters, breaking down a script into playable actions, and most importantly how to ensure believability in their performances. Actors also the nuances of the director’s scope of the direction of a plot and how to perform their roles with a keen awareness of the intent of the director using timing and focus. It is also important for an actor to get comfortable putting up a “finished product” and to help improve auditioning both from tape and in person.

Scene Study also gives actors the opportunity to take risks and experiment with characters and scenes they may not be asked to play in the professional world. A place to work on weaknesses as well as further develop strengths. “That which is used – develops. That which is not used wastes away.”

Please note, Level 2 Acting Sessions do not allow for absences from the class unless they’re excused ahead of time by the instructor. Make-up days are only permitted for excused emergency absences and paid bookings.

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