3 Entrances

RequirementsA room to enter
RehearsalSpend a week observing your behavior and other people’s behavior when they enter a room. Observe how people don’t show you what they are doing, they simply do. Practice fighting the urge to show or perform to the audience caused by being aware of them and instead put all your attention on what you are doing and the task of completing it.
CompetencyConcentration / Imagination
Skills DevelopedMotivation / Truthful Behavior Expression
Created ByUta Hagen

Acting Principles

  1. Every action must have an organic impulse behind it. We do not speak or move because the director or the script says so, we speak and move because we have a want, a desire, that we are trying to satisfy.
  2. The scene begins before the dirctor says “action” & before the actor enters the stage.


Actors will enter a room 3 times. Each time they will give themselves a different reason for entering, observing the changes that occur in behavior based on shifts in circumstances. Actors must make sure that they do not indicate. The job of the actor is to be, not to show. If the actor indicates, they must repeat the exercise until all of their behavior is organically motivated. As you live your life pay attention to how you actually behave, how you enter a room, observe how others enter and leave, do they need to make an active attempt to show you what they’re doing and why for you to understand their motivation? Or can you just tell by their natural behavior?


When we change our objective (what we want), point of view (what we perceive), or tactic (how we intend to satisfy our desire) our performance changes. Actors must be able to change their performance on the fly while at the same time behaving truthfully so that their gestures and expressions produce an organic response that will trigger empathy in the audience. This cannot be accomplished by conscious effort or with superficial expression. We can only change our performance, the effect, by altering the cause.


Entrance #1
Entrance #2
Entrance #3
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