4th Wall

RehearsalSpend a week paying attention to your behavior when you’re on the phone and observing other people’s behavior on their phones as well. Observe how people don’t show you what they are doing, they simply do. Practice fighting the urge to show or perform to the audience caused by being aware of them and instead put all your attention on what you are doing and the task of completing it.
Skills DevelopedStage Mechanics / Motivation / Truthful Behavior Expression
Created ByUta Hagen

Acting Principles

  1. Maitaining the illusion that audience is watching a real person’s life unfold, commonly referred to as suspending disbelief, will be broken if the audience realizes that the actors are aware of their presence, even something as subtle as accidental eye contact can shatter the illusion.


The actor must face the audience/camera at all times so that their microexpressions are perceived. The actor will prepare by having an improvisational phone call while facing the audience/camera while making sure not to look directly into the lens or avoiding eye contact by making sure their gaze settles between audience members. This must be done naturally and seamlessly combined with blocking andy the actor’s natural behavioral impulses.


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