Lost Object

RequirementsSeveral bags or containers you can bring to class in order to give yourself places to search for the lost item and something important to lose.
RehearsalLose something on purpose or have someone hide something important. Pay attention to your behavior when you look for something. How you anticipate you’re next guess is right, how you stop and think, how your emotions intensify as you imagine all the bad things that will happen to you if you can’t find it. If you see someone else who has lost something observe their behavior. Notice how people don’t show you what they are doing, they simply do. Practice fighting the urge to show or perform to the audience caused by being aware of them and instead put all your attention on what you are doing and the task of completing it.
CompetencyEmpathy / Concentration / Imagination
Skills DevelopedWorking Moment to Moment / Altering Perception to be that of the Character / Knowing without Knowing
Created ByUta Hagen

Acting Principles

  1. Actors must say words they’ve repeated thousands of times like they are being spoken for the first time.
  2. Actors know everything that is going to happen to them however they must behaive as though they don’t know. They think they are going to win the fight. They think their next action will succeed. They think their words will work. They happily answer the door blissfully unaware that their doom is on the other side.
  3. Acting is not pretending to do. Acting is not showing what you feel. Acting is trying to change, trying to get. Acting is doing.


Lose something or have someone hide something important that you need immediately, something you can’t just leave lost like a wallet or car keys. Look for it while paying special attention to your emotional state, inner dialogue, and behavior. What happens when you first realize it’s missing. What happens each time you search for it and are unsuccessful, how long does it take for you to become extremely agitated, what happens when you finally find it? Now hide something that you know where it is and guide yourself through the same process, have all the same thoughts, you did when you actually lost something. Actually, try and look for it as opposed to indicating that you’re looking. Let whatever emotions happen or don’t happen to be what they are. Resist the temptation to perform, indicate, or emote.


Acting is living truthfully. Acting is not emoting, acting is not indicating, acting is not performing, it is simply being and doing. This exercise will help reinforce the commitment to the truth of the moment so the actor will not be superficial.


Do you see an actor performing or a person living?
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