Acting is Dangerous Work

Acting is making things as real for yourself as you can. Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. You have to find things inside you that you can use to believe your given circumstances as best you can. Find ways to really hate, really love…which means sometimes you really have to forgive, really have to break your own heart.

Sometimes the imaginary circumstances don’t stay imaginary. Sometimes this work changes lives. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. You have this little life…you’re a husband or a father or a mother or a wife and you experience all the pains and joys that come with living it. Sometimes you can’t get out. Sometimes you don’t want to. Sometimes you just say the words. Sometimes you isn’t you anymore and your whole fucking world gets turned upside down. Acting isn’t always pretend, it’s not all Geico commercials and sitcoms. Sometimes it’s dangerous and emotionally risky but those are the scripts that make this work wonderful, noble. Painters use paint, sculptors clay, wood, or stone but actors create their masterpieces with their very soul. We lose ourselves. We find ourselves. Sometimes we take our lives in our hands when we pick up a script and those are the projects that make this worthwhile because there is no better way to spend your life, than giving every part of it, to what you love.

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