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Santa is bringing more than presents to Jacksonville, Florida this year! 

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for something fun to do this Holiday Season! And if you’re like us, you’ve already done the ugly sweater parties, stood in theme park lines, and “crawled” into the cramped pub only to be served a watered-down drink!

Why not do something fun and different this holiday season?

Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Stocking
You’ve officially been invited by Santa himself!!! The Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Festival is unlike any other film fest on the planet! Our fest requires each team of local filmmakers to be at the mercy of our 4 stockings of fortune! The stockings are filled with both naughty and nice requirements that will determine what type of holiday, family-friendly film they’ll make! (That means, anything PG-13 or tamer)! Will the stockings of fortune have them making a holiday classic like It’s a Wonderful Life or something cheesier like a Hallmark movie? We can’t wait to see you at the screening on Saturday, December 18th at 10 a.m.!


Our studio offers classes and workshops in Acting, Improv, Stand-Up, and Screenwriting. No matter your level of experience or age, we’re sure to have a class or workshop for you!

Classes & Workshops
Our classes are offered in 4-week sessions (blocks) and range from 149 – 219/month.

We also offer 1/2 day and full day workshops that start at 99/workshop. 

Other Offerings:

Audition Taping Services

We are excited to be a full-time, 7-days a week taping studio for actors! Taping services starting at 1.00/minute with high-quality audio and instant turn-around!

Private One-On-One Coaching

Whether you have a big audition coming up, you’re submitting to a performing arts school like LaVilla or Douglas Anderson, or you’d just rather do private lessons instead of group classes, we’ve got you covered! Private lessons start at 55/hour and are offered 7-days a week!

Private Improv Team-Building Classes

Our studio offers private team-building improv classes starting at 25/person with travel available for those who’d like us to come to them!

Recent Awards:

  • 2021 48-Hour Film Festival ‘Best Actor” (CVPA Student)
  • 2021 48-Hour Film Festival ‘Best Ensemble’ (CVPA Instructor & Student)
  • 2020 Fratpack Productions Atlanta Film Fest ‘Top Finalist’ (CVPA-Produced Film)
  • 2020 Folio Weekly ‘Best Comedy Club’ for Laugh Lounge (CVPA-Produced Show)
  • 2020 Folio Weekly ‘Best Comedian’ (CVPA Stand-Up Student)
  • 2019 Gypsy Cab Company Comedy Show ‘1st Place Winner’ (CVPA Stand-Up Student)
  • 2019 Void Magazine ‘Best Comedy Club’ for Laugh Lounge (CVPA-Produced Show)
  • 2019 Void Magazine ‘Best Comedian’ (CVPA Stand-Up Student)
  • 2019 Folio Weekly ‘Best Comedy Club’ for Laugh Lounge (CVPA-Produced Show)
  • 2019 48-Hour Film Festival ‘Best Graphic Design’ (CVPA-Produced Film)
  • 2019 Folio Weekly ‘Best Comedian’ (CVPA Stand-Up Student)
  • 2019 48-Hour Film Festival ‘Top Finalist’ (CVPA-Produced Film)
  • 2018 Portland Comedy Festival ‘Roast Battle Winner’ (CVPA Stand-Up Student)
  • 2018 Folio Weekly ‘Best Comedy Club‘ for Laugh Lounge (CVPA-Produced Show)
  • 2017 Folio Weekly ‘Best Comedy Club‘ for Laugh Lounge (CVPA-Produced Show)
  • 2017 Gypsy Cab Company Comedy Show ‘1st Place Winner‘ (CVPA Stand-Up Student)
  • 2017 48-Hour Film Festival ‘Best Graphic Design’ (CVPA-Produced Film)

Previous Clients & Bookings:

  • Disney
  • Nissan
  • Adidas
  • Universal Studios Orlando
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Your Pie Pizza
  • Homicide Hunter
  • Snapped: Killer Couples
  • Nat Geo’s ‘When Sharks Attack’
  • Murder Calls
  • Mercury Insurance
  • Badcock Furniture & More
  • Florida State University
  • Devious Maids
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Bryte Payment Solutions
  • Survivor’s Remorse
  • The Improv Fort Lauderdale
  • The Portland Comedy Festival
  • Lady Parts Justice League
  • Bloodline Graceland
  • Office Christmas Party
  • Halloween Horror Nights
  • Virgin Vacations
  • Disney Springs
  • Wounded Warrior
  • Yelp
  • The University of Florida
  • Barry Callebaut Chocolate (Chicago Branch)
  • The Georgia Department of Law Enforcement
  • CAN Community Health
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Combat Athletix
  • Phocas Software
  • Legacy Irish Dance Academy
  • The Performers Academy
  • Brightway
  • Ken Amaro Charity Golf Classic
  • Root Realty
  • The Rocco Group

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or give us a call! We’re delighted to help!

Creative Veins Performing Arts Studio
Open 7 days a week, 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily!
337 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
904-323-2471 (call text anytime)

If you have previous training and demonstrable experience, please email us at to set up an interview and audition.

If you have no formal training and experience, we do not recommend skipping the lower-level classes. Our intermediate and advanced classes are structured with the understanding that all students already have a solid foundation in their chosen craft. Skipping ahead without previous training and demonstrable experience means you will not be able to participate in the exercises or understand the concepts being introduced. 

Our intermediate and advanced sessions are for building upon what has already been taught.

It does not matter if you have never taken a class before; you have to start somewhere, right? Our lower-level classes are straightforward, informative, and offer a practical approach for those with little to no experience. 

Because of Covid-19, the studio has the following protocols in place:

  • Studio classes have a maximum number of 12 students
  • We require masks when entering the building, inside the common areas, and anytime social distancing isn’t possible
  • A sanitizing station has been set up at the studio entrance
  • All classrooms and common areas are disinfected with EPA-Approved List N Products to kill all strains and variants of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
  • We are limiting the number of outside guests to 1/student

We appreciate your understanding of these protocols to ensure our students, instructors, and staff’s well-being.

Please email us at with any additional questions regarding our studio’s COVID-19 policy.

Right now, because we’re still following Covid-19 protocols and limiting the number of outside guests, we are no longer allowing walk-in visitors. We do, however, welcome you to set up an appointment if you’d like to take a tour and visit the studio. Email us at to set up an appointment.

Right now, because we are still following Covid-19 protocols, we do not allow any class audits. We recommend you checking out our hundreds of online reviews and/or speaking to an instructor to see if our classes are the right fit for your needs and goals. Email us at to set up a phone call with an instructor.

Parents, rides, and friends are welcome to stay at the studio, but non-students are not permitted inside the classroom while classes are in session.

We have a lobby and a movie/game room right next to our classrooms with comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, television (with Netflix, Disney, and Hulu), complimentary refreshments (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, water, and snacks), books, magazines, puzzles, and games.

Regardless of age or chosen class, students should know how to read and write in English. There are no other prerequisites to enrolling in classes unless you want to bypass a lower-level class. In that case, you will need to email us at to set up an interview and audition.

Yes! If you miss a class, you may make it up at any time. Makeup days never expire.

Additionally, we ask that you let your instructor know you’ll be absent so they can catch you up before the next class and help arrange your makeup class.

If you are a current or past student, your log-in is the username and password you chose at enrollment. If you’ve forgotten this information, you can reset it or create a new account.

If you’re still having trouble, please email us at so we can help!

Yes. Feel free to enroll in any class or classes you’d like!

If you had an issue with payment going through or you have a question about tuition, payment plans, or anything related to tuition costs, please email us at so we can help! 

If you let the photographer know you are with Creative Veins Performing Arts Studio, they will understand immediately what type of headshots you need.

All photographers listed above are licensed, insured, and offer competitive headshot packages with the option to add a hair/makeup artist on your scheduled shoot date.

Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest snowflake-3
Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest snowflake-2
Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest snowflake-1

Film Fest Screening & Awards
December 18th, 2021
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
San Marco Theater
1996 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Grab Your Tickets Today!
(Virtual Tickets Available, too!)

Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest santa-claus

Filmmaker Info
Registration to participate as a filmmaker is now closed. However, if you were asked to join one of the 16 filmmaking teams, please use the form at the bottom of the page to register yourself! Make sure to place your team’s name on your registration form! All horror films are due by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, October 25th. It is possible that we’ll accept a late submission, however, late submissions will only be screened and not eligible for awards. Don’t be a zombie; get that film turned in on time!

Festival Itinerary

Thursday, Dec. 2nd at 7 p.m. | Kick-Off Party:
Learn all the details of the fest, meet-n-mingle, form or join a team and select your captain. Your team captain will then draw blindly from our 4 stockings of fortune to determine your team’s film requirements (Genre, Conflict, Location and Holiday Miracle). But, be warned, not all is what it seems; both nice AND naughty requirements are waiting for you inside each stocking. If the holiday gods favor you, you’ll receive a gift, a requirement that will help your film. On the other hand, you could receive a naughty requirement from the stockings of fortune that’s not so jolly!

Thursday, Dec. 2nd – Thursday, Dec. 16th | Filmmaking:
Let’s make a film! You’ll have two weeks (including two whole weekends) to complete your 5-minute film. All films must include the requirements drawn from the 4 stockings of fortune during the kick-off party!

Thursday, Dec. 16th | Due Date:
All films are due by 11:59 p.m. on this date. It’s possible that we’ll accept a late submission, however, late submissions will be screened only and not eligible for an award. Don’t be a scrooge; get that film turned in on time!

Saturday, Dec. 18th | Screening & Awards:
A public film screening and awards ceremony will be held for all filmmakers and their friends and family. All attendees must purchase a ticket (even if you had a team in the festival). Tickets are 15.12/person. Virtual tickets also available for purchase to watch from any device!

Filmmaker Registration:

The entry fee to participate on a team in any capacity (actor, writer, crew member, assistant, etc.) is 15.12/person. This is for every teammate who appears on screen as an actor and/or any credited crew member. You’re welcome to use as many people as you like without paying their 15.12 fee, provided they do not appear on screen or in the credits. There are 3 ways you can register as a participant in the Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Festival:

– Teams –
If you’ve already formed a team or have one in mind, you’re ahead of the game! All you’ll need now is to have at least one team member attend the kick-off party so they can draw from the 4 stockings of fortune to learn your film’s requirements.

– Single Participant –
Want to participate but don’t know anyone or have a team? No problem! Just make plans to attend the kick-off party and we’ll help you find a holly jolly group to join!

– Misfit Toy –
Don’t have a team, don’t know anyone, and can’t make it to the kick-off party? That’s no problem either! Just type “Misfit Toy” in the team name spot on your registration form below and we’ll help pair you up with a fantastically festive team immediately!

Film Screening + Awards Ceremony

Come to the public screening or grab a virtual ticket!
All tickets are $15.12/person.
The in-person film screening is open to the public and theater is TBA.
Virtual tickets will be available for purchase to watch from any device from the comfort of your home!
All attendees must purchase a ticket, even if you have a team in the festival.
If coming in person, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early to find parking and grab food.

No Experience, No Gear, No Problem!
Art is for Everyone!
Painting, sculpting, scrapbooking, crocheting, even filmmaking…everyone has an excellent idea for a scene, a character, or even an entire film within them! Still, most people would never dream of making a film because they don’t know where to begin. But you don’t need to know where to start or, quite frankly, anything else. All you need to know is that you’re going to figure it out with the help of your team and have a blast doing it! You’ve seen enough movies to know the basics and we know you know how to use your phone! Plus, even if you’re unsure, we’ve created a handy little guide to help you along the way!

Memories to Last a Lifetime!
It’s easy to dwell on all the reasons why you shouldn’t, wouldn’t, and couldn’t make a film, but they pale in comparison with all the reasons why you should! So, grab your friends, grab your family, grab your neighbors, grab your co-workers, and start creating! Our fondest memories are usually not of whatever expensive thing we purchased or food we ate; they’re the moments we cherish most are of the things we created with those we love. The time you made a soapbox derby car with your dad, the time you and your grandma baked a special cake, the summer where you and all your friends built that cool tree fort. How often have you wished you could go back and spend just a few minutes experiencing those special moments again?

That’s what makes filmmaking so unique; you’re not only creating something with people you love, but the very thing you create will last forever and you can revisit that moment whenever you’d like!

How the Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Fest is Different!
Our mission is to build and strengthen the community through creativity by producing an inclusive festival where participants of all experience levels and ages can have fun, celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, make new friends, express themselves without judgment, and build lifelong memories! Regardless of their education, experience, and background, we believe everyone possesses unique abilities, skills, and experiences that have artistic value. Therefore, we all benefit by inviting everyone to share their unique traits, perspectives, and ways of expressing themselves. We believe that every person who adds value should be recognized and that most of the people who make things great go unrecognized. So instead of mimicking other awards that acknowledge only a few key individuals, our awards seek to recognize all of the things that make films great! We believe that expression should be encouraged and celebrated. Everyone has a right to be heard and feel safe expressing themselves without being judged or labeled. We believe that censorship and demonizing those who don’t share our views only further divides us. The way to unity is by first letting people speak freely, allow them to vent their emotions and frustrations, and understand why they feel the way they do. True tolerance requires us to live with people we fundamentally disagree with but still find a way to coexist. And in our experience, we are all much more alike than we think. Our differences make us unique, but our overwhelming similarities are what unites us!

The Film Fest

What? The Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Film Fest
San Marco Theater | 1996 San Marco Blvd., Jax, FL 32207
YOU & anyone who'd like to do something fun, exciting, different, and get into the holiday spirit!
You're guaranteed to have a blast!
Saturday, December 18th, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Naughty or Nice

How the Fest works:
Unlike any other holiday film festival on the planet, the Naughty or Nice Holiday Film Festival requires each competing team to be at the mercy of our 4 stockings of fortune! The stockings are filled with both naughty and nice requirements that will determine what type of holiday, family-friendly film they’ll make! (That means, anything PG-13 or tamer)! Will the stockings of fortune have them making a holiday classic like It’s a Wonderful Life or something cheesier like a Hallmark movie?

At the kick-off party, you’ll be able to join a team, form a team or just bring your own team! Once your team is formed, you’ll chose a captain who will then blindly draw 1 requirement from each of our 4 Stockings of Fortune (Stocking 1: Genre, Stocking 2: Conflict, Stocking 3: Location, and Stocking 4: Miracle)! Your 5-minute film must incorporate all 4 of the requirements (see below)! May you get everything on your wish list!

Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Christmas Tree


Stocking 1: GENRE
This stocking will be filled with naughty and nice gifts that determine the type of holiday film your team will make!


  • Musical
  • Crime
  • Hall-mock
  • Biographical
  • Western or Hillbilly
  • Heist
  • Mockumentary
  • Horror
  • Period Film
  • Gothic
  • Noir


    • Romance
    • Comedy
    • Action
    • Vacation
    • Melodrama
    • Hallmark
    • Adventure
    • Fantasy
    • Mystery
    • Family
    • Superhero


Stocking 2: CONFLICT
This stocking will be filled with naughty and nice gifts and determine the conflict (inciting incident) of your team’s film!


  • Arrest
  • Broke or Bankruptcy
  • Food Poisoning
  • Wild Animal
  • Chronic Flatulence
  • Falsely Accused
  • Allergic to the Holidays
  • Supernatural Threat
  • Culture Shock
  • Mutating into Holiday Character


  • Break-Up
  • Travel Problems
  • Hard to find Toy
  • Weather Issue
  • New Family Member
  • Betrayal
  • Dinner Disaster
  • Broken Tradition
  • Theft
  • Death or Illness
Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Christmas Driedel
Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Christmas Santa Head


Stocking 3: LOCATION
This stocking will be filled with naughty and nice gifts and determine a location  that must be shown at least once in your team’s film!


  • Shopping Mall
  • Airport
  • Ice/Skating Rink
  • Train Station
  • Bus Stop
  • Dressing Room
  • Church
  • Parking Garage
  • Cemetery
  • Dumpster
  • Gym


  • Coffee Shop
  • Mailbox
  • Christmas Tree Lot
  • Vehicle
  • Fountain
  • Shopping Mall
  • Fireplace or Bonfire
  • Bar or Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Office
Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Deer


Stocking 4: MIRACLE
This stocking will be filled with naughty and nice gifts and determine a miracle that must be incorporated into your team’s film!


  • Genie/Fairy Godmother
  • Supernatural Entity
  • Pregnancy
  • New Family Member
  • Hidden Superpower
  • Magic (Spell or Item)
  • Anonymous Donation
  • Royal Bloodline Discovery
  • Mysterious Encounter
  • Personal Change (Convert)
Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Bells


  • Cure
  • Promotion
  • Reunion/Reunited
  • Surprise Inheritance/Benefactor
  • Lottery Win
  • Act of Love
  • Healing (Entity/Person/Item)
  • Second Chance
  • Discovered Item
  • Family Heirloom


Without our generous sponsors, this festival would not be possible. You have a choice when it comes to how you spend your hard-earned cash, so if you can, please patronize those individuals and businesses who invest in our creative community!


‘Tis the season to help those less fortunate and us too! Suppose you’re interested in helping sponsor this event. In that case, we’d be willing to put in a good word with Santa himself. Please submit the contact form below and one of our elves will contact you quicker than your tongue will freeze to a flagpole. 

Jacksonville Holiday Film Fest Scrooge


Then, let’s hurry along. We mustn’t doddle, Santa will be here before you know it…

The entry fee is $15.12 for every person who appears on screen and any credited crew member.

Feel free to go ahead and register using the form below!

Don’t have a team, but want to participate? No problem! We can help you find a team to join at the kick-off on December 2nd. If you’re a solo participant and can’t make it to the kick-off, just type “Orphan” in the team name spot and list what types of roles you’re willing to perform (i.e. Orphan-Cameraman or Orphan-Actor). We’ll help pair you up with a fantastically frightful team immediately!

Teams and Orphans must be registered by December 2nd.

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