How Do I Feel?

Level Beginner Requirements None Rehearsal None Competency Concentration / Empathy / Insight Skills Developed Being in the Moment Created By Eric Morris Follow this simple direction: Start by asking the question “ how do I feel?” Answer the question either out loud or semi-audible. Answer the question within two seconds of asking it. (Keep in …

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Sense Memory

Level Beginner to Advanced Requirements Something that will stimulate one or more of the five senses such as a photograph, a location, glass of water, food, fabrics, perfumes, etc. Rehearsal Spend a week trying to memorize the subject using every sense possible. Do Relaxation Phase 1 and Phase 2 and then spend about 10 minutes …

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Level Beginner Requirements An armless high back chair Rehearsal None Competency Concentration Skills Developed Creating a bubble so that the only stimulus affecting your behavior and emotional state are those of the given circumstances of the scene. Created By Lee Strasberg Acting Principles Both Stanislavski and Strasberg believed that tension was the “occupational disease” of …

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Emotional Awareness Meditation Script

Level Beginner Requirements None Rehearsal None Competency Concentration / Empathy Skills Developed Emotional Mapping Created By Hugo Alberts (PhD) and Lucinda Poole (PsyD) Acting Principles Observing and understanding emotions in oneself is considered one of the four key ingredients of emotional intelligence and crucial for an actor. Mindfulness can help one develop emotional intelligence, by …

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Level Beginner Requirements None Rehearsal None Competency Concentration / Imagination Skills Developed Reacting instinctively to stimuli eliciting real authentic emotions and being present and in the moment Created By Unknown Acting Principles By taking in as many stimuli from your surroundings as possible and then articulating each of them will help you exercise all your …

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21 Questions

Level Beginner Requirements A person you have no relationship or history with to imbue with the memories or characteristics of someone you do Rehearsal Spend a week remembering specific events from your life that happened but instead of the actual person, recast them with your scene partner sort of like if they made a movie …

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3 Entrances

Level Beginner Requirements A room to enter Rehearsal Spend a week observing your behavior and other people’s behavior when they enter a room. Observe how people don’t show you what they are doing, they simply do. Practice fighting the urge to show or perform to the audience caused by being aware of them and instead …

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