About Us

“Our values determine our behavior and our behavior determines who we become.  ” – Keary McCutchen, Founder

What We're All About

Exceptional work, regardless of discipline, cannot come from ignorance, laziness, cutting corners, nepotism, quid pro quo, or flattery. Exceptional work comes from exceptional people. People who hold themselves to a higher standard.

Creative Veins is a community of artists who don’t just look after our own self-interests but care about each other, we are committed to becoming better today than we were yesterday, and most importantly we’re committed to not just transforming the arts in Jacksonville, but the world.

Everyone Wants The Best

Nobody wants to date the ugliest person, make the least amount of money, or waste their hard-earned money and time on a mediocre experience. We all want the best from life so what habits are you building, what are you doing, and who are you doing it with to ensure you can compete with the best?

Keary McCutchen
Why Creative Veins?

The Acting Studio You Can Trust

"The difference between being utterly misled by false information, being nudged in the general direction, and being precisely guided by an expert cannot be overstated."

Where we end up in life is largely determined by the direction of our first steps. When you don’t live in a production hub like Atlanta, NYC, or Los Angeles, it’s difficult if not impossible to find legitimate training.

Creative Veins is not a   “Jacksonville Performing Arts School”. We’re a legitimate acting studio run by agency-represented, peer-respected, classically trained professionals – who happen to have a location in Jacksonville. Our approach to the craft, the caliber of instruction, and the resources available to our students are no different than what you would find in any legitimate performing arts studio and in many cases better.

Training is the most crucial investment an artist will ever make. It determines not only the quality of work and the caliber of jobs they will be able to book and we aren’t just teachers, we’re working professionals so all our classes are challenging, results-oriented, and employ proven time-tested techniques.

Creative Veins doesn’t just want our students to be able to do it as well as anyone in NYC or LA; we want them to do it better. We’re not just creating the next generation of actors, comics, writers, and improvisers; we’re creating the next generation of visionaries, innovators, influencers, & game-changers!

Learn From Industry Leaders

All of our instructors are classicly trained and agency represented working professionals.

Learn at Your Own Pace

We understand that every student has responsibilites so we've structured our classes in 4-week sessions and we have on-line classes to compliment your in studio work.

Career Placement

On average cast and produced over 30 projects a year. All paid, most of the talent are former and current students.