About Us

Our values determine our behavior and our behavior determines who we become! 

What We're All About

Exceptional work, regardless of discipline, cannot come from ignorance, laziness, cutting corners, nepotism, quid pro quo, or flattery. Exceptional work comes from exceptional people who hold themselves to a higher standard.

Creative Veins is a community of artists who care about each other and are committed to becoming better today than we were yesterday. Most importantly, we are committed to not just transforming the arts here in Jacksonville but around the world!

Everyone Wants The Best

Nobody wants to make the least amount of money or waste their time and hard-earned paycheck on a mediocre experience. We all want the best in life. So what habits are you building, what are you doing, and who are you working with to ensure you can compete with the best to have the very best?

Why Creative Veins?

The Studio You Can Trust

"The difference between being utterly misled by false information, being nudged in the general direction, and being precisely guided by an expert cannot be overstated."

Where we end up in life is largely determined by the direction of our first steps. When you don’t live in a production hub like Atlanta, NYC, or Los Angeles, it’s difficult if not impossible to find legitimate training.

Creative Veins is not another “Jacksonville Performing Arts School.” We are a legitimate studio training students in acting, improv, stand-up, and screenwriting! Additionally, our classes are taught by agency-represented, peer-respected, classically trained professionals – who work locally and regionally. Our approach to the craft, the caliber of instruction, and the resources available to our students are no different than what you’d find in NYC, Atlanta, and LA.

We understand that training is the most crucial investment an artist will ever make. It determines the quality of their work and the caliber of jobs they will be able to book. How do we know? Because we are not just teachers; we are working professionals who are still in this industry as actors, improvisers, writers, and comics. Our classes are challenging, results-oriented, and employ proven, time-tested techniques so you can start working as a professional. Our goal is not that our students will perform “just as well” as someone in NYC or LA; we want them to do it even better. If you cannot compete in the biggest markets, you won’t succeed.

Creative Veins is not just training tomorrow’s actors, comics, writers, and improvisers; we are creating the next generation of visionaries, innovators, influencers, & game-changers!

Learn From Industry Leaders

We believe that the very best people to teach you how to do the job you want are those who already have that job. At Creative Veins, you will learn from the professionals who have already been there, done that, and are still in the industry!

Classes That Fit Your Schedule

We understand that every student has their own set of responsibilities outside of classes. That's why we offer virtual and in-person classes year-round so your training can easily co-exist with your busy schedule!

Career Placement

It's simple. The most highly skilled are the most in-demand, the most frequently booked, and the highest-paid. And for this reason, our students book a lot! Additionally, our studio will help with auditions, tapings, bookings, and reputable agency representation when you're ready!

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