Intro to Improv is perfect for beginners and offers a fun and formal introduction to improv where no experience is necessary, and adults & mature teens are welcome to join! We’ll cover the main principles of improvisational theater using a series of short-form and ensemble exercises that are fun, challenging, confidence-boosting, and focus on impulse, spontaneity, & thinking on our feet! Our Intro to Improv Workshop (a condensed, sample version of our 4-week session) meets quarterly on Saturdays (great for those with a busy schedule who can’t commit to a weekly class!


Workshop: Intro to Improv
Level: Beginner
Type: In-Person, 1-Day Workshop
Cost: 69-
Includes: Workshop, certificate, snacks, and drinks
Suitable for: Adults & Mature Teens
Workshop Video: Click Here
Studio Tour: Click Here
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  • Saturday, 6/22 | 10AM – 2PM (5 seats left)
  • Saturday, 4/27 | 10AM – 2PM (SOLD OUT)
  • Saturday, 2/3 | 10AM – 2PM (SOLD OUT)

We’re truly happy to answer any questions or need help registering. Simply text, call, or email us for immediate assistance (904.323.2471 |

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Our Intro to Improv workshops provide a thorough introduction to improvisational theater, and not only is it super informative, but it’s also a ton of fun! Here, we’ll cover the basics of narrative storytelling, unrehearsed acting, working as an ensemble, and exploring impulse, spontaneity, & thinking on our feet! Whether you’re a newbie, hobbyist, or a serious, aspiring professional, we’re eager to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be! Best of all, no experience is needed, and adults & mature teens are welcome!

* If you’re looking for a private team-building improv class for your organization, please contact us directly at or via phone/text at 904.323.2471!

  • 1-Day Workshop
  • Graduation Certificate
  • All Materials, Snacks & Drinks
  • Go-getters + team-players
  • Adults & mature teens with no formal training
  • Students eager to learn the techniques for skillful storytelling, terrific performances, and working as a cohesive ensemble
  • Anyone who wants to have fun, build confidence, strengthen communication + public speaking skills, overcome stage fright, pursue a passion, explore spontaneity + thinking on your feet, gain a creative outlet, make friends, and be challenged
  • A thorough understanding of what improvisational theater really is and what skills one must have to be skilled in this discipline (in short, a debunking of the many assumptions carried by the majority)
  • The basics of unrehearsed acting, learning how to develop a point of view, pursue an emotional agenda, give and take focus, pinpoint an objective, and of course “yes and…”.
  • A working understanding of narrative storytelling and how to confidently tell a story in a three-act structure as an ensemble
  • How to exercise the analytical side of the brain to focus on simple goals; freeing the creative side and silencing the negative thoughts that can make us freeze during a performance (or in life, for that matter).
  • Incorporating unrehearsed acting and cooperative direction into improv games, exercises, and scenes
  • How to effectively and instinctually communicate what you want (say what you mean and mean what you say) and articulate how you feel in any given moment (i.e., scene or performance)
  • How to get out of your head, think on your feet, articulate your ideas clearly, and make bold choices
  • How to ease nerves and “stage fright” jitters with relaxation techniques so you can refine your public speaking skills
The key at our studio is helping students find the process that provides confidence, depth, and ultimately success in all their creative endeavors. We strive to provide value and help each student build skills and accomplish their goals, no matter how big, or small they may be. One of the most significant benefits is that we do not view training here as limited to the once-a-week class. We offer MANY opportunities for students to continuously grow and work on their craft outside of classes, including:
  • weekly studio meetups
  • professional development lectures
  • student resource
  • pages
  • 24/7 access to instructors
  • industry guest speakers
  • actor and improviser showcases
  • on-set volunteer opportunities
  • public and student talent shows
  • on-going studio projects
  • invite-only studio
  • casting page
  • monthly progress reports
  • professional taping services
  • audition help + prep
  • private lessons
  • technique workouts
  • headshot and resume guidance
  • agency application submission review
  • monthly workshops with professional actors, coaches, agents, and casting directors (many from the Atlanta market), and studio productions, including short films, live shows, and other media projects

We’re also well respected among the performing arts community and can leverage our reputation to help our students succeed in the Southeast Region, including North Florida, Orlando, Atlanta, and more!

Check out our F.A.Q. page or contact us at or by phone/text at 904-323-2471!

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Saturday Wkshp, 6/22, 10AM – 2PM


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