Acting Essentials provides a fun and formal introduction to acting, technique, and the industry’s business side. Whether you’re a newbie, hobbyist, or a serious, aspiring professional, we’re eager to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be! A huge bulk of our classroom time will focus on acting technique (your foundation as an actor) by introducing you to 3 of the most universally practiced acting techniques: Meisner, Strasberg, and Practical Aesthetics. Great acting is about truthfulness, vulnerability, authenticity, and specificity, all of which we can accomplish by training in universally practiced acting techniques and practicing them with your instructor and classmates in a supportive studio environment.

  • Access to email and internet
  • Students must be able to read + memorize dialogue on their own
  • Successful registration before the start date (We provide everything needed for class)

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This Class is Perfect for:

  • hard-workers + go-getters + goal-setters
  • adults & mature teens with no formal training 
  • anyone who is genuinely interested in building skill in acting
  • those eager to learn the acting techniques necessary for authentic emotions and compelling performances 
  • active participators who want to soak up as much info as they can and lay a solid foundation in the art of acting
  • anyone wanting to build confidence, strengthen communication and public speaking skills, overcome stage fright, explore a passion, gain a creative outlet, make friends, and be challenged

This Class is not Ideal for:

  • short-cutters + work-avoiders
  • those purely motivated by fame, celebrity status, “being a star” or “getting to Hollywood”
  • people who are focused only on getting an agent instead of becoming a skillful actor an agent actually wants to represent
  • anyone lacking the self-discipline to participate and work hard inside and outside of the classroom
  • those who believe there are shortcuts to being a skillful actor who books in legitimate paid productions (acting is a discipline and a performing art much like dance, music, or singing)

A few things covered in this class:

  • A thorough understanding of what acting really is and what skills you must have in order to be skilled in this discipline (in short, a debunking of the many assumptions carried by the majority so you can make an informed decision on whether to pursue acting professionally)
  • A working understanding of 3 of the most recognized and universally practiced acting techniques (Meisner, Strasberg, and Practical Aesthetics) and how to implement them into your work as an actor
  • How to become more emotionally intelligent as well as a thorough introduction on why “living truthfully through imaginary circumstances” is vital for brilliant and compelling acting performances
  • How to get out of your head so you can effectively and instinctually communicate what you want (say what you mean and mean what you say) and articulate how you feel in any given moment (i.e. scene)
  • A detailed introduction of the business side of the industry including agents, demo reels, slates, casting calls, callbacks, head shots, resumes, unions, working in the SE Region with and without an agent & more
  • The basics of reading, analyzing, and dissecting scripts, giving yourself “as-ifs” in your scene work, and making things personal and meaningful
  • The importance of specificity and making bold choices for an actor
  • How to slate and properly audition in-person plus auditioning etiquette
  • How to properly audition by self-tape; the most utilized form of auditioning
  • How to ease nerves and “stage fright” jitters with relaxation techniques so you can refine your public speaking skills