Acting Fundamentals is an intermediate and on-going acting session offered in 4-week blocks that provides a deep dive into the Meisner, Strasberg, and Practical Aesthetics acting techniques. This class solely focuses on the emotional work of the actor and is intended for serious students who are eager to build upon the foundation laid in the Acting Essentials session. We meet once a week for two hours.

To be successful in this session, you must have completed the Level 1 Acting Essentials session within the last 6 months and/or be able to demonstrate ability in the above-referenced acting techniques. Prior experience with the Meisner and Strasberg acting techniques is non-negotiable for entry into this class. *

The Details:

Level: Intermediate
Type: On-going, 4-week studio sessions
Requirements: Completion of Acting Essentials
Meets In Person:
Tuesdays, 7PM – 9PM x 4 weeks
Total Cost: 179.00
Suitable for: Adults & Mature Teens

Upcoming Sessions:

We meet Tuesdays, 7PM – 9PM

  • FEB | 2/7 – 2/28 (9 seats left)
  • JAN | 1/3 – 1/24 (SOLD OUT)
  • NOV | 11/1 – 11/22 (SOLD OUT)
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Our Acting Fundamentals sessions are active and on-going, intermediate acting classes offered in 4-week blocks. These sessions provide a deeper dive into the Meisner, Strasberg and Practical Aesthetics acting techniques (covered in Acting Essentials). Here, we’ll focus solely on the emotional work of the actor, so you have the tools to create compelling, grounded, raw, and honest performances.

About Us:

Creative Veins is an award-winning, A+ rated performing arts studio that trains students of all ages and experience levels in acting, improv, stand-up, and screenwriting. All our classes are taught by professional, agency-represented performing artists who live in Jacksonville and work regionally (Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Nashville, and Knoxville) on paid bookings in film, theater, commercials, television, and live show productions. Additionally, many of our instructors are multi-disciplined, meaning that besides being highly trained and skilled in their craft, they have also trained in acting, music, singing, dance, and more! Our sessions are offered in 4-week blocks and meet once a week for two hours. From the newbie to the hobbyist to the serious, aspiring professional, we see a wide range of students; all with very different goals. We’re eager to help each student accomplish these goals, whatever they may be! Pro-tip: Professional, skilled, experienced, agency-represented actors who are actively working in the industry right now typically make the best teachers and can provide the most accurate, up-to-date information in this discipline!

Acting Fundamentals is Perfect for:
  • Adults and Mature Teens who successfully completed Acting Essentials (within the last 6 months)
  • Professionally-minded students who are working towards auditioning, bookings and representation
Areas Covered in Acting Fundamentals:

Our on-going Acting Fundamentals session covers a variety of areas including:

    • A deeper dive into the Meisner, Strasberg, Practical Aesthetics Acting Techniques
    • To live truthfully under imagined circumstances, react honestly, using your gut, being present in the moment, and responding instinctually to your environment/stimuli
    • Practice allowing yourself to be affected by your scene partner (and vice-versa)
    • Emotional mapping and achieving the CORE emotions truthfully and repeatedly
    • Exploring the use of voice and body through vocal and physical exercises
    • How to work from a personal, honest, and freely imaginative place

Our acting coaches are all working, professional actors and directors who bring to bear their own expertise, enabling a rounded approach of effective techniques that work for you as an individual.

What’s Included?
  1. Four 2-hour classes
  2. Monthly Progress Reports
  3. Instructor Feedback + Notes
  • Access to email and internet
  • Registered by the class start date
  • Ability to complete assigned homework
  • Successful Completion of Acting Essentials within the last 6 months (if this is your first time registering for this session)
Why Creative Veins?

The key at our studio is helping you find the process which provides confidence, depth, and ultimately success in all your creative endeavors. We strive to provide value and help each student build skills and accomplish their goals, no matter how big, or small they may be. One of the most significant benefits is that we don’t view your training here as limited to the once-a-week class. We offer MANY opportunities for students to continuously grow and work on their craft outside of classes, including:

    • weekly studio meet-ups
    • professional development lectures
    • student resource pages
    • 24/7 access to your instructor
    • industry guest speakers
    • actor and improviser showcases
    • on-set volunteer opportunities
    • public and student talent shows
    • on-going studio projects
    • individual progress reports
    • professional taping services
    • audition help + prep
    • private lessons
    • technique workouts
    • head shot and resume guidance
    • agency application submission review
    • monthly workshops with professional actors, coaches, agents, and casting directors (many from the Atlanta market), and studio productions including short films, live shows, and other media projects

We’re also well respected among the performing arts community and can leverage our reputation to help our students succeed in the Southeast Region including North Florida, Orlando, Atlanta and more!

Phone Policy:

Students may have their phones in class as long as they’re tucked under their seats. We understand their importance for communication and emergencies, but cell phone use to play games, watch videos, or check social media defeats the purpose of class altogether. By not giving your full attention in class, you will fail to develop the skills needed to excel in the session.

Class Size/Covid-19 Info:

Please note that our classes are always kept smaller in size for more individualized attention and to ensure each student’s success in the program. For now, because of Covid-19 and our need for distancing, our studio classes have a maximum number of 12 students. Because of this, we book up very quickly. Please understand that we cannot add any additional students once a class is full and marked as SOLD OUT. You canhoweverrequest to be added to the wait-list via email at Admin@CreativeVeins.com, or feel free to register for the next session to guarantee your spot. We appreciate your understanding of these protocols to ensure our students, instructors, and staff’s well-being.


We strongly encourage perfect attendance unless an emergency occurs. If a class must be missed, contact Instructor Rebecca immediately via email or text (Rebecca@CreativeVeins.com and 904.323.2471) so she can make a note on the class roster. We’ll do our best to get you caught up in time for the next class so you’re not behind and you may make-up your missed class in any future session. Make-up dates never expire.

Class Transfers/Refunds:
  • If the session or workshop hasn’t started yet and you notify us of your inability to attend, we are happy to move you into a new session or workshop or reimburse you for the full amount paid
  • If the session or workshop has already started and you notify us of your inability to complete it before it ends, we are happy to move you into a new session or reimburse you for the unattended classes/hours
  • If the session or workshop has already ended and you did not notify us of your inability to attend all of the classes/hours, we are happy to move you into a new session (refunds are not provided to “no call/no shows/walk-outs”)

Our studio is over 5,000 square feet with a lobby and movie room for rides, parents, and guests to hang out during class! We offer plenty of free parking right in our private lots. Additionally, there’s also free parking on the street.

Additional Questions?

Check out our F.A.Q. page or contact us at Admin@CreativeVeins.com or by phone/text at 904-323-2471!

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