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A New Way to Train

Creative Veins has revolutionized the way artists train. Instead of adopting a traditional school approach which starts with a curriculum and then demands that students conform to it, we’ve modeled our training after gyms! You know what your goals are and we provide you with the resources and tools to achieve them. Workout at home, workout on your own in our facility with others, or take an instructor led class.  You’re in total control so there is no wasted effort, no wasted time, no wasted money! Focus on what you need, how you need it!

Home Studio

You're looking to get certified and be a professional actor or are new to acting and need to learn all of the concepts, principles, and techniques. This comprehensive on line training, brings our certified trainers to you! Everything you need to go from amateur to expert!

Artist Gym

You know what you need to work on so do it! Me Casa es Su Casa, find and collaborate with other studio members and groups to work on your craft, rehearse, collaborate on your next project, or network!


Get in depth personalized training from one of our certified instructors. Having a trained coach who can identify your weaknesses and help you turn them into strengths can help you overcome platues and ensure that you realize your full potential as an artist.