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All awards are made by our “special” in-house elves!

Name & Description


 The Hootie Best Film
The Bob CratchitSmallest Perceived Production Budget
Santa’s SackLargest Perceived Production Budget
Tinsel-Town AwardBest Visual Set Environment
Sugar Cookie CoutureCostume Design that “Sleighed”
Silver Bells AwardMost Impactful Use of Sound or Music to Convey Mood and Tone
Frosty & FriendsMost Cohesive, Harmonious Cast
Santa’s Choice AwardMost Outstanding Acting Performance
The John Mclane AwardMost Memorable Line of Dialogue
The Grinch AwardMost Anti-holiday Character
The EbenezerMost Redeemed Character
The Tiny TimCharacter Who Aroused the Most Sympathy
Holiday HeartMost Inspiring Message
Mistletoe MagicMost Undeniable Chemistry
The Nutcracker NodBest Supporting Character
The Cindy Lou-WhoMost Heart-Warming Character
Winter Wonderland AwardMost Memorable Scene
The North StarGreatest Miracle
Audience FavoriteWhoever Brought the Most Friends, LOL

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